Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yummy Yaki Soba!

We at the Clark house love to eat this yummy dish called Yaki Soba. An old friend from work, Pepper, introduced me to it and it's an easy, yummy meal. You get it at an Asian market and it looks just like a ramen package, but it cooks up just slightly different - instead of the liquid remaining to make a soup, the noodles soak up the liquid, then you add the noodles to sauteed vegies and you sprinkle the packet on top. Voila! Adam and I used to eat it when we were dating and first married, but then I think I got sick of it or something and we haven't had it for years until a few weeks ago. I had to photograph this momentus occasion! And look - everyone likes it! Hooray for Yaki Soba.


joeandcarole said...

Way to go Amy! Actually finding something that everyone in the family likes. Send me more details please.
Love you,

Sandy said...

That actually looks pretty good! I gave Heather ramen this week for her first time ever and she thought it was the GREATEST food ever, haha! The stuff you made looks much better, though, especially with something actually healthy like veggies in it!

Brooke said...

That looks great- tell me where you get the noodles and such- I'm excited to try it here! I am all about yummy fast meals.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Yum.... I'll have to try this. It looks a lot better than my dry packge of Ramen that I just couldn't bring myself to eat for lunch today.
Mom C.

CRAZY FUN Family said...

hey amy, can i get that recipe and where in utah did you find a asain market?