Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Movie Review

Last night Adam and I went to see Dan in Real Life. We loved it! It was a really great movie and we recommend it to everyone.
We didn't really know what to expect, but it was essentially a romantic comedy (which I didn't know going into it).
And one of the best parts about it was that it was clean - who would have known for a PG 13?
Anyways - great flick - go see it if you haven't yet!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hooray for Ella

Ella is learning how to go to sleep by herself and all I have to say is hooray. I have this really bad habit that I have done with both of my children and it is this: I teach them to only go to sleep if I am feeding them or sometimes walking around with them. It has so far proven to be a very stressful thing because they sometimes will wake up right when I put them in their beds, which means I have to start all over again or sometimes they just won't sleep much at all.
This last week Ella was just getting worse and worse with her sleep and I was going insane and so one morning when I couldn't take it anymore I decided it was time for her to learn how to do this already. She's actually doing really well, which is a huge blessing. Sometimes she cries a little, but sometimes she just talks to herself for a few minutes before she's quite. Seriously - huge blessing.
With Henry, our pediatrician had told us that in his opinion (and there are MANY opinions out there) babies shouldn't be left alone to cry themselves to sleep until they are about 6 months old. So that is what we did. But Henry is very sensitive and didn't like that and so for just about 2 weeks, he cried for 2 hours every night as he went to sleep. It was very traumatic for everyone involved. Although now Henry is a great sleeper and he has been since he learned how to do it on his own.
Ella is just under 5 months, but I figured I needed to do it and I am so glad I tried. She is sleeping so much more and I feel a lot better about life.
So again, hooray for Ella.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween and we had a fun day. Henry dressed up as a fireman and loved it. He actually wore his costume all day Tuesday AND all day Wednesday. Ella was a penguin and only wore her costume at the actual parties that we attended(it was pretty warm and not very car seat friendly).

First we went to Adam's work for a Halloween open house. Everyone decorated their cubicles and passed out candy to the kids. Adam had a theme with his desk and costume - a work theme. It was very clever and creative, which is no surprise, since Adam is clever and creative. I mean - would you expect anything less? There are 3 pictures showing his cube. He had poetry and birds and a game and everything.

I dressed up as a mom who actually got ready for the day, since that isn't my strong suit these days... :)

After Adam's work party we hurried home, finished our chili for the ward party and ran to the ward party a little late. They had a chili cook off and we entered our sister in law's (Lindsey) yummy recipe. Unfortunately we didn't win, but it was fun to sample other chili's. You know, we've been making our own chili for years now and I am actually pretty happy with that one. Lindsey's is great, too. It's nice to have a new recipe to try.

Adam took Henry around trick or treating to the rooms at the church and he said it was quite the adventure with MANY kids running around those halls.

Henry got a lot of candy and Adam and I ate some of it last night and other than that I'm not very excited about having so much candy here. Henry loves candy and wants it whenever he sees it. And as for me - I have absolutely no control when it comes to sweets, as most everyone knows. Adam was nice enough to take a bunch to work so now we have a little less here.

All in all in was a fun day.