Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blasted Strollers!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a TERRIBLE time making decisions. Adam thinks I'm ridiculous because of it, too. So we've had money for a double stroller since October and I just haven't decided which one to get.
I decided I was just going to get this done and so after much deliberation this last week I decided to base my decision on price. So yesterday I went to babies r us and I bought a duo-glider (it was the cheapest of the options). I got it home and Adam put it together and Henry jumped in it to test it out. I promptly noticed that his head almost completely cleared the seat! For some reason this really bothered me. It just seems like kids should be able to rest their heads while they're in a stroller. I asked Adam if we should take it back and of course he said no because he hates to return things - he thinks that you should buy it when you're ready and then that's it. I'm much different. So the past 24 hours I've been going over and over it in my mind trying to decide what I should do. I called Graco and they said that the quattro-tour duo stroller has seats that are 2 inches taller than the duo-glider seats. So this morning the kids and I put the stroller in the car and we went back to babies r us. But even when I got there I just didn't know what I wanted to do! I'm a tortured soul, really. I just have so much anxiety over certain decisions. I'm not quite sure how I ever got married.
But long story...long still...I returned the duo glider and bought the quattro-tour duo and I left feeling very uncomfortable and unsure. But now that we're home and a few hours have past I am starting to calm down a bit.
The good news is that we now have a double stroller! And now I'm ready for spring so we can go on lots of walks. :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pictures from California Visit

Here are pictures from our trip to California. We had a wonderful time! It's just too bad that's it's over.

Amy, Ella and cousin Maggie having fun on Grandma's bed.

Henry wearing earphones that he found somewhere in Grandma's room.

Ella Bella in a very good mood.

Sherri, Chase and Anna came up from Huntington Beach for a visit. Anna is 6 months older than Ella and Chase is 6 months older than Henry.

Chase and Henry got along really well, which was exciting to me because I'm determined that one day they will be roommates and great friends in college. :)

Ella and Henry swinging at the park by Avila Beach.

Grandpa helping Ella get warm at that same park.

Adam, Amy, Henry and Ella at Avila Beach. Unfortunately this was our only effort to get to the beach. Henry LOVED it. He thought it was great.

Henry loves climbing in things and will even dump everything out in order to do so...I believe Grandma usually keep stuffed animals in this cradle.

Ella and her cute cousin, Will. They are only 3 weeks apart in age.

Adam and Ella on Christmas Eve.

Grandma and Ella on Christmas. Ella is wearing her cute new little hat from her Auntie Kate.

Amy and Adam ice skating on Christmas day up in Atascadero.
The end!