Sunday, May 23, 2010

We saw fighter jets!

One thing that we all love in this family (not just Henry) is fighter jets. One of our favorite 4th of July traditions is to watch them fly over our house in the morning (during the parade) and then we watch them again fly over stadium of fire (we sit outside the stadium, of course). This picture was taken during stadium of fire in 2008.
Well, the reason I'm writing about this was because yesterday they flew over our house a few times - it was SO cool! You can hear them coming because they are so loud and so as soon as I heard them I yelled "everyone outside now!" They flew right over us twice and then they flew back and forth in the distance a couple of times, although we couldn't see them as well then (but we could sure hear them!). I was talking on the phone to my sister in law, Gillian, and she was driving on the freeway and they flew right over her, too!
We love fighter jets!