Sunday, August 04, 2013

Avila Beach

We've made it to the beach a few times since we've been here.  It's best if either one of us goes with the 3 older kids, or both of us go with all of the kids.  A few weeks ago I went with just the 3 olders and it was pretty fun.  It was actually nice to be somewhere without the stress of the younger kiddos.  I quite enjoyed my time there. 

I thought this was a cute house on our walk from the car to the beach.  I love the siding style and color.

Cute little beach walk.

Gracie, Henry and Ella.
The kids absolutely love it - they love all of it.  The water, the waves, the sand. 
The weather has been perfect for the beach.  Hopefully we can get a few more trips in before school starts.

Oh Budget!

We moved to San Luis Obispo 2 months ago.  The move was a crazy time, let me tell you.  It took us 3 days and we had an interesting run with the budget truck.  But we made it.  Moving is a beast, I tell you! 

Here we are as we were leaving South Jordan.  We had to pull over even before we go to the freeway because the DVD player in the car wasn't working... (major problem, I know!)
Here we are driving through Las Vegas.

Here we are in San Luis Obispo, parked in front of my parent's house.  We made it!