Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's a....

GIRL! We are very surprised and very excited. We've been referring to her as a "him" the whole time...everyone seemed to know it was a girl but us!
Here are 2 pictures of her. For a skeleton picture, I think the open mouth one is pretty cute.
Hooray for our sweet little girl!

Friday, May 15, 2009


Henry is really into bugs these days and so Thursday we got a few books from the library on bugs/grasshoppers/spiders/rollie pollies. He is LOVING them. But let me tell you something. In some ways, it's really fascinating to learn about all of these different kinds of bugs. On the other hand, I'm learning way more than I need to know about them! Particularly spiders. This is the book we have on spiders:

It's actually a great book if your child wants to learn about spiders, but I'm learning that spiders are much more than I thought they were and it's just so gross!
First of all, the whole 8 eyes thing weirds me out. And did you know that they don't actually "eat" their pray? They inject a chemical into their bodies (after their venom has paralyzed them) that turns their insides into soup and then they just suck out their insides? How gross is that! And there is a HUGE tarantula in South America called a bird eater tarantula that is about the size of a frisbee...BLAH! I would feel much better not knowing things like that! But I thought you might want to know that, too... :)
Anyways - this is a great book if your children are interested, but beware! You may learn way more than you want to!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh, how we love PIZZA!

Adam's mom has passed on a tradition of making homemade pizza to many of her children and our family LOVES it! We make it often and it's just so tasty.
We made it last week and the kids helped. I especially like to make an all veggie one. Yummy!