Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Karate Class

Henry has also been taking a karate class through the community ed program. Tonight was his little graduation and he earned himself a white belt! He got to punch through a board and everything!
For some reason, he will not wear his gee, and now that he has the belt, he won't wear that either...he's funny that way sometimes. The only costume he's worn with his own free will and choice is his army costume.
Here he is hitting the board and showing off the board and his belt.
I kind of wish he liked it because karate teaches great skills like discipline and respect. But we'll keep trying different things and see what he wants to do. I won't mind if we come back in the karate direction, though.
We asked him what he wants to try next and we threw out soccer or baseball and he said he wants to do golf!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tumbling Class

Henry and Ella have been taking a tumbling class this last month. It was with a community education program and so it is just 1 month and 1 time per week and now it is over.
They LOVED it. Especially Ella. She thought it was the best thing ever. I thought about signing them up again because they loved it so much, but I think Ella needs to be just a few months older so she can follow directions better.
Here are a few pictures of them on their last day:

Congrats to Adam

Adam has been working so hard and this last week he got an amazing raise that will be a HUGE blessing for our family.
Way to go, Adam!

Beautiful Ranunculas

My very favorite flower in the whole world is a ranuncula.
We celebrated Valentine's Day a week late this year and my sweet husband searched and searched and found me some beautiful ranunculas. They're usually hard to find and only available for a short time during the year. I wanted them for my wedding, but they are only available on the other side of the world in I didn't get to have them then.
Aren't they so beautiful? I love them!
And thank you to Adam for getting them for us to look at!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One more...

The following is a conversation Henry and I had tonight while he was putting on his pajamas:
Henry: My underwear is stuck in my bum.
Me: That's called a wedgy.
Henry: What's a wedgy?
Me: It's when your underwear is stuck in your bum.
Henry: That's so silly!

Kids do the darndest things...

Yesterday I was tossing a balloon back and forth with Ella. She's getting better at catching, but she sometimes wouldn't look at it and it would just fall to the ground. I told her to keep her eye on the ball. She promptly put the balloon up to her face and said, "Like this? Like this, Mommy?" The best part was the eagerness and enthusiasm in her voice. She is such a character.