Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beautiful Ranunculas

My very favorite flower in the whole world is a ranuncula.
We celebrated Valentine's Day a week late this year and my sweet husband searched and searched and found me some beautiful ranunculas. They're usually hard to find and only available for a short time during the year. I wanted them for my wedding, but they are only available on the other side of the world in I didn't get to have them then.
Aren't they so beautiful? I love them!
And thank you to Adam for getting them for us to look at!


The Duke said...

These are beautiful flowers! I knew about them but didn't let you know. (Just had to throw that in because so many people don't know how many secrets I have in my head that I don't tell.) I'm really happy he was able to find them. He was pleased!
I'm glad you were able to celebrate Valentines even if it was late.
Congratulations to Adam, as well, for a well-deserved huge raise.

Ruth M said...

I just planted ranunculus and am so excited to see them bloom.

joeandcarole said...

Beautiful flowers...such bright colors. Can you grow them in your yard? That would be a great idea so you could look at them and pick them as you wanted to!