Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Henry is 4 years old!

First of all, this is Henry 4 years ago today. Isn't he so cute?

Today Henry has had a birthday extravaganza. We started off with lots of messy presents this morning (everything he got has a lot of little pieces - plus there were balloons all over the ground and so our house is now a disaster!).

Then he had school and then we had a few hours at home. Henry and Ella helped get cupcakes ready for Henry's party.

We had a little friend birthday party at the park in the late afternoon. They ate cupcakes and opened presents and played with a balloon launcher that the kids LOVED (although I took no pictures of that...).

Then we went to Chuck E Cheese's for dinner and Henry and Ella had so much fun playing with all the games (I took no pictures of that, either...).

THEN we had a yummy peanut butter and chocolate cake (from Target) here with Grandpa Jim, Gillian and Kevin and our friend, Cristina (and Grandma Carole - she's been staying with us as we wait for this stubborn baby that won't come out of me).

Wow - long day. I'm exhausted! But I think Henry enjoyed the day and the many festivities.
Happy Birthday to Henry!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just about a week to go!

Well, we've got a week to go. Here is a photo, although, I don't think I look like I'm ready to pop in it. Sometimes I look at myself and think - wow, that is one big belly. And then sometimes I think - you know, it's really not that big. And don't mind how tired and old I look the picture!
I would like to have the baby tomorrow. :) So we'll see. Henry's birthday is Tuesday and our anniversary is Wednesday and so I want to stay clear of those days and I don't want the stress of worrying about it. But we'll see what's in store. Everyone send birthing thoughts our way! :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Finished Kitchen Cabinets!!!

We're DONE with the kitchen cabinets - hooray! We have been working on this project for far too long, but it is now complete.

Here is a before picture of the kitchen:
Here are a few pictures of the kitchen now:
This last picture shows the beadboard detail on the doors. We got that idea from Adam's brother Jess and it wasn't hard to do (well, I didn't do it, but Adam was able to install it fairly easily).

I really couldn't be happier that this is done. Seriously - hooray to be done!
Thank you to Adam for helping me accomplish my crazy visions!
And thanks to everyone else who has helped us with this project!