Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Henry J.

This is our ultrasound of our new rookie, Henry J. Clark. This was back at the end of May. He's due October 12 - coming up soon!! Both Amy and I had grandfathers with the name Henry, which is why we are naming him Henry. The J. is a little longer story. You see....J. is just an initial. When I (Adam) was born, there were three patriarchs of the family still alive - my two grandfathers and one of my great-grandfathers. Their names were Henry, Hamilton, and Herman. I was given an H. as my middle name in honor of all three. When our son, Henry, is born there will be only two patriarchs still alive - My father Jim and Amy's father, Joe. So...we are giving him a J. in honor of them both. Nice how that all works out, eh?! Well, anyway, that's it.

The Garden

This was part of our garden back at the beginning of June. The Snapdraggons are second year plants. They bloomed nicely last year, but there werre only like 3 plants. Now there is a bunch, as you can see. They bloomed so nicely this year. The begonia plant at the left of the snapdraggons has now taken over in a huge way and is producing beautiful purple flowers. The snapdraggons have been since cut down. Some plants from last year have way over produced this year and while they look nice, it made our garden kind of mss-matched in places. Each year we try to add a few perennials to make it look nice. We have to give them till the second year to really see what they will grow like. We have had some really beautiful blooms this year and lots of hummingbird visitors, which Amy loves. You can see the small brick (tumbled brick) border we put in this year too. We like to garden. Too bad it's been so dang hot this year. It's been a rough year for containers outdoors.

A Day at the Lake

Well, here we are at the Lake - Payson Lake, to be more exact. This was actually like 2-3 weeks ago, but oh well...you can see how pregnant Amy is. She's the one on the right...ha ha ha. That was a good day. A good Friday afternoon activity. We hung out on the grass there and Adam swam across the lake and back. It was fun. Amy had a hard time getting in the water (it was a little chilly, but not bad at all). She has a very odd philosophy about cold water. She 'eases' in cause it is too cold and shocking. WHAT?!? Anyway, her inching in causes for her body to be reshocked each inch. Finally she went all the way under...and that was about it. We hung out on a log in the lake for a bit. It was a good day.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Here We Are!!

Well, this is us. Adam and Amy Clark. Aren't we a cute couple?!