Thursday, October 30, 2008

Beautiful Fall Colors

The trees have be SO fantastic this last week. Today I had the camera in the car and so I couldn't help pull over and take a picture of this GORGEOUS tree that caught my eye. Isn't it so beautiful?

Thursday's Hero

Today we went to BYU to see Adam's brother, Ammon, be honored as "Thursday's Hero."
My understanding of what Thursday's hero is someone who the BYU football team chooses who they feel represents a good attitude and character in the midst of adversity. Someone correct me if I'm wrong... :)
We all went with Ammon to tour the football office and facilities and then we went out to the field where football practice was going on and Ammon got to be in the middle of all of the football players and they talked to him and gave him gifts and it was great! I think that it's even going to be on the news. It was a lot of fun.

This is one of the players presenting Ammon with a big Y flag that they were all going to sign before the afternoon was over.

Ammon chatting it up with head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

Ammon chatting with quarterback Max Hall and...some other guy.

All of us on the practice field.

And one of my favorites - Henry with quarterback Max Hall.

Way to go, Ammon - that was so cool! Thanks for letting us come share that with you.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I bought some new pants a few weeks ago and I couldn't decide between the smaller size and the bigger size. I wore them around the house for a while trying to decide (I had purchased the smaller size) when I spilled food on them. So that was my decision. But now that I have completely committed to them I now know that I should have exchanged them for the larger size. I feel complete buyer's remorse and I hate the feeling! They are just a little too snug to be flattering and I just feel sick about it.
Does anyone else do this or is it just me?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Hey everyone - this is a little publicity for my friend, Vanessa's, blog (mostly for the ladies). You can find the link for it at the bottom of my friend and family list on the side of my blog page.
Vanessa is probably the most talented person...ever. And on her blog she does a lot of tutorials on how to do the things she does. Plus, it's just fun to see all of her creations.
And then it's also nice to see what her family is up to. She has 4 children and a husband who is serving in Iraq (for only 5 more months - yeah!). She is one amazing chica.
If you read this, Vaness, I hope this doesn't embarrass you - just know that I love you! I figured you didn't have a big enough following for your blog (ha ha)...

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lost sippy cup

So, we've had a sippy cup go missing I think around Tuesday, maybe, and it had milk in it! It's so sad. I'm sure it's around here somewhere! And I'm pretty much come to terms with the fact that I will just have to throw it away when I find it. The idea of cleaning it out does not appeal. This sort of thing is frustrating to me! I like order and this is very much out of order...

Thursday, October 02, 2008 story

So we went to the Gap today (Henry, Ella and I). We were in the men's sale section and there was this huge row of shirts - well, there were 2 rows - one on top and one on the bottom. I was engrossed in my searching and I sort of heard Henry say "this one is perfect for me." A moment later I look over to him and he is almost completely undressed (everything was off but the diaper, which was about to come off). I guess he was going to try on the shirt that was perfect for him or something. This is where the ridiculous part comes in. I go to put his clothes back on and his shirt was no where to be found. I searched and searched and SEARCHED through those blasted shirts and his shirt was GONE. I kept shaking them around in hopes that it would fall to the bottom, but it was not there.
We had some other shopping to do in the store and so we went around for a while and every once in a while I would come back to that spot and shake the clothes around and look under and over the shirts and still - NO SHIRT! I even asked a bunch of the sales associates, but they didn't know anything about it. So the whole time we were at Gap, Henry was wearing jeans, flip flops and no shirt. I wonder what people must have though of me!
Finally at the end I said a prayer (per Adam's request) and that time I was blessed to find his shirt under the other shirts. I guess it finally fell through.
Isn't that just the most bizzare thing? It was so ridiculous, I tell you!

For the love of Bounce and Chuck

I've decided that 2 of my favorite things are Bounce and Chuck.
Bounce, meaning Bounce Dryer Sheets (outdoor fresh scent), smell SO BLASTED GOOD! I bought some at the store yesterday and ever since I have felt like one of those febreeze commercials where the people can't stop smelling it. It sure does smell great. And I love to go into my laundry room because the whole thing smells like it. It's just so fantastic.
Has anyone ever watched Chuck? Last year was it's first season and I really liked it. Although, it ended with the writing strike and so it's been off for about 9 months. The second season just started this week and I've decided that I REALLY like it a lot. I think it's my favorite show. It's on at a bad time (monday night at 7) and so I usually just watch the episodes online at and it's great because you get to watch it with no commercial interruption. :) I sound like a commercial myself! Plus, you can watch it when you have the time (for instance, I just watch Monday's episode last night). Anyways, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out!