Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's Hero

Today we went to BYU to see Adam's brother, Ammon, be honored as "Thursday's Hero."
My understanding of what Thursday's hero is someone who the BYU football team chooses who they feel represents a good attitude and character in the midst of adversity. Someone correct me if I'm wrong... :)
We all went with Ammon to tour the football office and facilities and then we went out to the field where football practice was going on and Ammon got to be in the middle of all of the football players and they talked to him and gave him gifts and it was great! I think that it's even going to be on the news. It was a lot of fun.

This is one of the players presenting Ammon with a big Y flag that they were all going to sign before the afternoon was over.

Ammon chatting it up with head coach Bronco Mendenhall.

Ammon chatting with quarterback Max Hall and...some other guy.

All of us on the practice field.

And one of my favorites - Henry with quarterback Max Hall.

Way to go, Ammon - that was so cool! Thanks for letting us come share that with you.


joeandcarole said...

This is amazing! What a special honor for Ammon. He surely is a great guy who is definitely to be admired. We look up to him, and love to see him and his family when we are in town. And, what a terrific family picture. i can't see you Amy are you the photographer?

Way to go Ammon!

joeandcarole said... that your head in the back row, towards the right side????
Love you sweetie!

Sandy said...

Wow! What an awesome experience!!

Team Clark said...

That "other guy" chatting with Ammon and Max Hall is Austin Collie - #9 - BYU's awesome wide receiver!

Brooke said...

That is so great! I love how Bronco Mendenhall is focused on service and how to give to other people. What an honor for Ammon to be selected!