Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updates from the last post

I know, it's a lame post name, but I guess it accomplishes it's purpose.  
Let's just go down in the same order as last time:

1.  Sicknesses - just before we took George to the doc yesterday for his pink eye, Sam's eye started showing signs.  But George by far has had the worst case of it.  He looked so terrible.  His eyes became very swollen.  He hardly looks like himself in the picture.  
My nurse neighbor came over and helped me get him all cleaned up.  She also gave me some...eurythromyacin (something like that) to put in his eyes right before bed.  When he woke up this morning he looked so much better!  
Yesterday was a long hard day and all I wanted was a good night's rest.  BUT then at 3:30 Gracie came into my room a little upset and as I was holding her and  walking her back to her room she threw up all over the 2 of us.  I have this weird "save the carpet" mentality when kids are throwing up on me and so I try to catch it all on my body...I know, kind of odd.  It just happens.  So that was interesting.
She hasn't thrown up since, but MY stomach has been growing more and more uneasy all morning...dun, dun, dunnnnn.  Hopefully this isn't a bug that gets passed around! I'm really very much done with sicknesses!
Sam is fussy and just wants to be held and so he, Gracie and I will just rest and watch movies today - as much as we can!  

2.  Adam's job - Adam started his new job yesterday and it went great!  And he will move into a house with roommates tonight (he's been in a hotel the last two nights).  Kind of funny that he will be living with roommates for a few months.  Back to the bachelor life for him.  Well, kind of, at least!
The kids are REALLY missing him and Henry skypes him on his phone all the time.  They've all kind of gone downhill in behavior since he left, too.  I guess it's a stressful and confusing thing for all of them.  
But the job is going well - yay!

3.  Dad/hospital - Dad is still in the hospital.  They have figured out that he is bleeding internally and they think it's his stomach.  His low red blood count is very low.  And last night in the middle of the night his numbers dipped so low that they gave him a blood transfusion this morning at 5.  The next step is to look in his stomach with a scope, but apparently they can't do that until tonight or tomorrow because they're waiting for his blood thinning medication to wear off.  So for now we just wait!  Hopefully life in the hospital isn't too rough for him.  

Even with lots of craziness, we are still being blessed so much.  Last night our good neighbor from next door brought a delicious BBQ meal for me and the kids.  And my parents have good friends that have been visiting them in the hospital. 

Now if I could only pry Sam off of me for 5 minutes so I could use the restroom... :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

What a day.

Wow - today has been very...full.  Let me explain why:

1.  For the last 2 weeks I have been sick and I can't seem to kick it.  This last week has been the worst part - I just feel so crummy every day.  But the problem is that I haven't slowed down at all.  And I'm up coughing half the night.  That's probably why I'm still sick!  And today is no different.  I still feel lousy.  This morning was amazing, though, because I stayed home from church with Gracie and George and I slept off and on through a movie I watched with Gracie and it felt wonderful.  But once noon hit, I went back to full speed the rest of the day.  
A few of the kids are sick, including 2 who now have pick eye (2 of us are already almost over it). Poor little George has swollen, gunky eyes.  

2.  Adam moved up to San Rafael today to start his new job tomorrow.  It's exciting and sad all rolled into one.  The house feels empty without him here.  Henry was pretty sad after he left.  Here is a picture of the kids all giving him a hug right before he left.
This will be a hard few months apart!  

3.  My dad went to the ER this afternoon and got admitted to the hospital (remember that we live with my parents right now).  He had trouble walking and was short of breath and very pale.  They ran a bunch of tests and came up with no conclusions.  They'll do one more test in the morning and then go from there.

So - that's it.  I'm sick, the kids are sick, Adam moved and my dad is in the hospital.  That's pretty much our day in a nutshell.  

Monday, January 06, 2014

Potty training!

Sam started potty training today.  I don't really want to potty train a child right now, but we decided we needed to do it since he keeps taking his diaper off and peeing on the ground.  So today was a good day to start.  
We got a potty chair and some reward candies and toys.  We also got some underwear out of storage and we were set.
The day started out a little rough, but he got the hang of it after a while.  And by the end he was so sad when I put his diaper and jammies on.  
This picture depicts what potty training is like for child #4 - his business has become everyone's business!

Plus, another upside to all of this is that once he is officially potty trained, we will then only have ONE child in diapers.  Geesh!  That will be nice.  
Here's hoping that he does this quickly!  
Go Sam!