Saturday, August 08, 2009

35 years to celebrate!

Today is Adam's 35th birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADAM!
Luckily we have this file folder on our computer labeled "pictures of Adam" and it is great! Here are some fun pictures that have been taken over the last 35 years.

Here is Adam as a child:

Here he is growing up just a little:

Wait a that kid old enough to date??

Here he is on a mission:

Here he is post mission (I'm assuming these are post mission):
Here he is as THE greatest Superfan of all time:

Here he is as a great outdoorsman:
PS I've NEVER in my life seen a better rock skipper - he is seriously a world champion!

Here he is being silly:

Here is our favorite husband and father:
Adam Clark is our world - we love you, baba! Have a fantastic birthday today!