Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hi from California

I just thought I'd post this information for those of you who haven't heard yet.
The kids and I are in California for a while. I'm 2 months pregnant and I'm too sick to take care of the kids, let alone myself. Unfortunately my allergy therapy did absolutely nothing and here I am, pregnant again and just wanting to be put out of my misery. This time is definitely the hardest.
We miss Adam, but I think that everyone is better off where we are. We have been so blessed to be able to have the help and I pray everyday for my parents to have the strength to take care of my kids - because these kids sure do have a lot of energy. :)
If you're somewhere near Adam, stop by and say hi or give him a call - I want him to have all of the support he can get! Thanks -

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stouffers Mac n Cheese

So somebody gave us a frozen stouffers mac n cheese last week and we made it one night. Has anyone ever had this meal? It tasted okay, I guess, but the odd part about that meal is the way that Adam and I felt after eating it. We both felt so gross and sick and we couldn't eat very much of it. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IN THAT THING?? That's all I want to know.
Anyone else had a similar experience with frozen stouffers food?
Blah! No more for us!