Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stouffers Mac n Cheese

So somebody gave us a frozen stouffers mac n cheese last week and we made it one night. Has anyone ever had this meal? It tasted okay, I guess, but the odd part about that meal is the way that Adam and I felt after eating it. We both felt so gross and sick and we couldn't eat very much of it. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS IN THAT THING?? That's all I want to know.
Anyone else had a similar experience with frozen stouffers food?
Blah! No more for us!


Brooke said...

I actually really like their frozen vegetable lasagna- but their other food, not so much my favorite. Sorry you had such a bad experience! Hey, I want to come over tonight, are you down?

Michelle said...

We had the frozen lasagna meal before and nobody liked it and it felt like heavy food. Every child complained. Maybe we just got a bad batch because since I work at a grocery store occasionally I see people buy it all the time.

The Duke said...

I don't even like their lasagne. I've purchased it a couple of times in the past but for the cost, I would never buy it again. I don't like the texture of it for some reason.

Mieka said...

yes. we had their enchiladas one time (when I was pregnant) and I still have a hard time even eating my own enchiladas. never again for us either.