Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Henry J.

This is our ultrasound of our new rookie, Henry J. Clark. This was back at the end of May. He's due October 12 - coming up soon!! Both Amy and I had grandfathers with the name Henry, which is why we are naming him Henry. The J. is a little longer story. You see....J. is just an initial. When I (Adam) was born, there were three patriarchs of the family still alive - my two grandfathers and one of my great-grandfathers. Their names were Henry, Hamilton, and Herman. I was given an H. as my middle name in honor of all three. When our son, Henry, is born there will be only two patriarchs still alive - My father Jim and Amy's father, Joe. So...we are giving him a J. in honor of them both. Nice how that all works out, eh?! Well, anyway, that's it.


ShadeofDeath said...

Looks to be a healthy baby. Congradulations

/randz said...

gooooood luck for Henry J. Clark! god bless you. i am waiting for the time that i can put some blog like this. :-)