Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tumbling Class

Henry and Ella have been taking a tumbling class this last month. It was with a community education program and so it is just 1 month and 1 time per week and now it is over.
They LOVED it. Especially Ella. She thought it was the best thing ever. I thought about signing them up again because they loved it so much, but I think Ella needs to be just a few months older so she can follow directions better.
Here are a few pictures of them on their last day:


chelsey said...

I love Ella's smile (or should I say squint!) as she's looking at Henry. Looks like they had lots of fun! It's always good to have something to break up the cabin fever this time of year.

The Duke said...

I didn't know they were doing this. Has it helped Henry's shyness? Looks like it did. Ella isn't shy at all. I can see her really liking this sort of thing.

Cedar Fort said...

She should try dance! We have a boys hip hop class too!

joeandcarole said...

Wow! Henry and look great doing your tumbling. It looks like so much fun. We can tell you really like it, don't you?
We love your certificates. They are super neat.
We love you, Grandma Carole and Grandpa Joe