Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bird House

So I bought this bird house at Roberts one day to paint for our downstairs bathroom. Henry loved it from the moment we got it. He kept saying that it was his birdhouse. Well, I painted it and put it on the counter in the bathroom and occasionally he would get the stool and climb up there to pull it down so he could take it outside to play with it.
So then one day I was trying to convince him to let me cut his hair and I came up with this idea. I said what if we put his hair into the birdhouse after we cut it and the birds can use it to make a nest. Well, he actually liked the idea! So we did it - just a little, though. He didn't let me give him a complete haircut, but I got to cut at least a little off and we put it in the birdhouse and the birdhouse now lives outside by the front door (hair and all).
Now I just need to get another birdhouse for my bathroom!


joeandcarole said...

Great idea, for the hair cut AND the little nest. Can you put it somewhere higher so birds might actually want to move in? Knowing your little guys, they would both want to "have direct access" to the little house, so maybe the birds in your area are too smart to want to live in such a busy home!
You are such a clever resourceful Mom!
Love you,

Sandy said...

What a great idea! And the birdhouse looks really cute, too!