Friday, January 01, 2016

The Great Room-switcharoo

We have 6 kids and we live in a 4 bedroom home.  Not bad, really.   But as I'm here all day long and this home and this family are my life, I like to dream up new and better ways to do things.  What I would really love is 1 (or 2!) extra bedrooms.   But since that most likely won't happen any time soon, I came up with a new plan for the kid's rooms.  We decided to give it a try. 
The 3 rooms for the kids are small, medium and large in size.  We put Henry into the small room all by himself.  He's really into Legos and he has a lego table and since he's the oldest we thought it made sense for him to be alone. 

Henry's New Pad (Bed frame is in pieces in garage and will be put together at some point)
We put the 2 youngest boys, Sam and George, into the medium room.  And my dream is that we can get the train table up and running and put into their room.  Right now it's in the garage and in disarray.  I think they would really enjoy this. 

Sam and George's Room
The large room now houses all 3 girls - Ella, Gracie, and Hannah.   The girls are in a bunk bed and Hannah is in a crib.  This one is a little tough for me because I think babies should have their own room.  Already we've had a difficult time with the girls waking her up and vice versa.  But with what we have to work with, it was just too difficult to give her a room of her own.   So for now this is how we're doing it. 

Girl's Room 1st View
Girls Room 2nd View
One thing I like about this arrangement is that we can start to decorate their rooms (our home is still full of blank walls) in ways that make sense.  When Henry and Sam were sharing a room, for instance, what decorations that were appropriate for Henry weren't appropriate for Sam since they have a 6 year age gap and different interests.  But now I think we can make it work well. 
BUT!   One of the tricky things about this move is that the stairwell and the hallway are now full of a bunch of stuff that I need to go through.  It either needs to be thrown away or put into the garage or organized into their rooms.  There was so much stuff!   I felt like we were actually moving, without going anywhere. 
The Hallway Mess

The Stairwell Mess
We will see how this goes.  Hopefully we can get each room organized into a way that works for the kids and that they can settle into their new spaces. 


Sandy Z. said...

All the rooms look great!! We are in the middle of the same thing...complete with hallway mess!!!

Jen said...

The feel like we are constantly switching rooms. Not sure if I just haven't found the right arrangement yet or if I just like change! I hope this works out well for you guys!!!