Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year's Eve Party

We normally don't celebrate New Year's eve.  We just haven't made the effort.  The last fun New Year's eve we celebrated was a few years ago when we lived in Provo.  Our kids (we either had 2 or 3 at the time) were put to bed and then Adam's brother and his wife (Lance and Nancy) came over.  This was before they had kids.  We played games and ate yummy snacks.   I really enjoyed it.   I look back on it as "that one fun New Year's Eve."
We'll this year we decided to have a little party.   This was not an adult only party, it was a family party.  We invited 2 families and together we had 6 adults and 9 children. 
Here's the whole group
First we ate dinner.  Larry brought a yummy rotisserie turkey and we provided rolls and sandwich fixens.  We also ate fruits, chips, and veggies. 
Before and after dinner the kids ran around and played.  They had a blast just running and running and playing and playing.  They were loud and crazy and happy. 
At some point, we played our first game - a Pringles challenge.  We got the idea from EvantubeHD, although we simplified it a bit.  We got 6 flavors of Pringles.  We passed 1 flavor out at a time, and after everyone had a chance to taste it, they would take turns guessing what flavor they thought it was.   Most of the time they were stumped, but I think maybe 2 were guessed correctly.  It was fun.  A few months ago our family did the same thing with ice cream and that was fun, too. 
By this time my 2 youngest really needed to go to bed and so Sara conducted a few of her games while I put the kids to bed.  They played New Year's bingo and a little table Canadian curling. 
When I got back downstairs the games were done and everyone was settled down, watching the movie Minions. 
After the movie the kids were itching to do our New Year's countdown.  One of the families had brought New Year's hats and noise makers, so they passed those out to everyone.
Now in preparation for this party, I did a little pinterest search to gather ideas.  The best idea that I took away from my search was to do a balloon drop at midnight (or at our own appointed "midnight").  I bought a plastic table cloth, duck tape and balloons.  Earlier in the day, Ella blew up most of the balloons and then Adam helped her secure them to the ceiling with the tablecloth and the duck tape.  Ella also headed up the sign making and the streamer hanging.  She's a little party go getter.  I thought the balloon drop was brilliant.  The kids loved it and it brought a certain excitement to the countdown.  As the balloons fell, everyone cheered and used their noise makers.  

Balloons stayed nice and secure until the right moment
Beginning of balloon drop
Balloons falling...
And falling...
Balloon drop complete!
We broke out the Martinellis bubbley (we aren't an alcohol drinking kind of crowd, and of course I'm talking about the adults) and we toasted to the near year.  We also had a few laughs, as everyone became a little silly.  One would have guessed that there had been alcohol in those Martinellis bottles.  

As we prepared to drink the Martinellis
Lots of laughing going on!
Sam forgetting the concept of personal space with his noise maker
Gracie in her party get up and probably her 3rd outfit of the evening
Lots of fun and smiles
Ella getting her noise maker on
As the celebration winded down, the other two families packed up and moved out (this was probably around 10:30). 
What a fun night!   I'm so glad we did this.  It was the perfect way for our family to ring in a new year.  
Happy New Year!  

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