Friday, January 01, 2016

Snow day!

We lived in Utah for 18 years.  We've been gone now for almost 3 years, but the kids still think they want to be in the snow... Go figure.  So we had a snow day a few days ago up near Lake Tahoe.  We went with some friends and spent a few hours up there.  It was a non-official spot just off the freeway where people just parked and played.  It was actually a little dangerous, too!   People were sledding into other people and sledding into a cement barrier the whole time.  It's a wonder no one got hurt. 
The kids all had a fantastic time.  

Adam and the kids at the top of the hill

Ella and George riding with our friend, Larry

Ella, Grace and Larry coming in for a landing...and what happened to Grace?  It seems she has toppled...
I bundled Hannah up in about 4 layers and put her in a pack on me.  She fell asleep for a little while and otherwise just hung out.   We still have some snow clothes leftover from our Utah days and then we borrowed a few items from friends.  The right clothing makes a big difference!   Oh - and especially the right gloves!   I'm going to start buying snow gloves (as opposed to regular mittens)  just so we'll be prepared next time. 

Miss Ella

Miss Grace, eating snow

Henry and his friend, Ethan

Adam, George, and Sam
Me and snuggle bear Hannah
 My boots... I wore these boots when I was in college 15+ years ago and worked at a horse ranch.  I went there a few times a week, rain or shine (or snow)  to feed the horses, etc.  When I graduated and left the area, I brought the boots to my parent's home and put them into storage.  That's where they've been until recently I came across them and brought them to my house.  I wore them on this trip and it was the first time since college that I've worn them.  They even had horse feed (among other stuff....) on them.  It kind of felt like they had been frozen in time.  It made me happy.  I loved my college experience and I loved working at that ranch.  I have very fond memories of those years. 
A view of my snow boots
 But back to the point!  This turned out to be a fun day and I think this will tide the kids over until next year.  It's nice to not live in the snow, but then to be just a few hours away in case of an least that's the way I see it!

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