Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflections on our journey

We have been on a long, strange journey that will soon come to an end.  It all started in November of 2012 when we moved out of our home in South Jordan, UT.  We were supposed to move into the home across the street from us, but it all fell through at the last minute.  Not knowing what to do, we quickly put our belongings into storage and started off on a very long adventure.  At the time, we had NO idea that we would be without a home for the next year and a half!  And I'm so grateful that we didn't know!  Knowing that would have been discouraging, to say the least.  It was all very stressful and hard to deal with as it was.
Part of the problem was that we were at a crossroads with Adam's business and so after careful contemplation and prayer, we decided the best thing to do would be for him to end his business and to look for a job.  So not only were we without a home, but we were also without an income.  
Since that time, where have we been if we haven't been in our own home?  We started off in a hotel, positive that the job and home would come quickly.  
From there we went to stay at Adam's sister's house.  We were living at her house when George was born (only about 2 1/2 weeks after we got there!) and we stayed there for just shy of 2 months.  
Next we went to stay with a friend of mine from college.  She and her husband have 5 children of their own and so there were 4 adults and TEN children in that home for 3 months.  We just stayed there until school got out.  
Small interjection - I'm humbled and in awe over both of these families, who so willingly and lovingly allowed us into their homes.  It was hard on everyone involved and they were so kind to invite us and to help us for so long.  I'm sure they were both abundantly blessed for their service to us.  
At this time our journey took a small turn and we headed west to live with my parents in California.  The funny part about this was that we thought that our journey was ending and that we had found our destination.  BUT it wasn't and we hadn't.  It was just another step, all the while getting us closer to our goal.  
In January of this year, Adam got a job!  We were ecstatic.  He moved up to the Bay Area and we stayed back here, in hopes that we could join him within a few months.  But we didn't realize that finding a home would prove to be so difficult!  We looked and looked and looked.  Most of the homes were either too expensive or already taken by the time we got to them.  We looked all over north and east bay.  
Adam traveled back down to visit us every 2-3 weeks and he would stay for the weekend.  This was both good and bad.  It was good because we got to see him and be with him.  It was bad because it was an emotional roller coaster for the kids.  It was pretty hard on them.  
After a while we finally figured out a good city to live.  It had a good reputation and good schools.  Plus, it was a little pocket of less expensive housing.  All good things!  We looked there for a while until we finally found "the one".  I about had a panic attack when I first saw the listing.  It fit all of our criteria almost perfectly.    We were the first to submit an application and we got it.  Move in date was June 2nd and Adam just took our belongings up there yesterday.  The kids and I will join him Friday.  
Some interesting things from our journey: 
-We had a baby in the middle of all of this!
-When we first left our home, Sam was only 18 months old.  Now that we are moving into a place once again, George is about 17 months old.  That is a crazy idea to me!
-We potty trained TWO children during this time - one at the hotel and one here at my parent's house.
-Before we left Utah we had a yard sale and sold many of our belongings, which included most of our furniture.  
-Most of our belongings have been in storage for a year and a half.
-I've lived out of a suitcase for the majority of the last year and a half.  I can't tell you how excited I am to have my own closet and dresser!
-We have been blessed beyond belief in every way possible.  I know that God's hand has had everything to do with that.  I believe in a God of miracles and I'm grateful for every blessing and miracle that we have received.  
-We experienced 1 Christmas in the hotel and 1 Christmas here at my parent's house.  Both Christmas's were times of high financial distress and so any presents that the kids were given were brought to us by the goodness of others.  Another humbling and miraculous experience.  It's amazing how quickly and thoroughly people are willing to give.  
It feels like our journey is now coming to an end.  I hope that is the case.  However, I look back at this time with a softness of heart and with gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven who has blessed us so much.  We have grown in many ways and hopefully become at least a little better and stronger through these experiences.  


Anonymous said... has been a great blessing to us for sharing our home and lives with you this year. We have gotten to know these grandchildren better than we ever have dreamed since you were always so far away. It has especially been a joy to have you as part of our ward and for Henry and Ella to be at Bishops Peak. (And Ella in my very Classroom with her teacher the wife of one of my students!)
Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be with you for this year.It has been a fun, filling experience. We will miss you. We love you very much.
Mom and Dad

The Duke said...

I'm so excited you are able to finally be in a place of your own and that Adam is in a job he seems to enjoy. It will be wonderful for all of you to be together all the time - every day and every night.
God does answer prayers.
You are one strong, faithful woman,
Amy. May this be the start of a wonderful, long period of rest for your family.