Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quick Christmas Re-cap

I'm so done with Christmas, but I wanted to at least post something about it before January.
We stayed here in Utah this year and had a very nice Christmas.
We had a nice Christmas Eve here at our house with just us. We at some soup (Brundage family tradition - well, it used to be!), made some cookies for Santa, read Luke 2 and attempted to have the kids act it out, but Henry REFUSED to play Joseph and he kept saying "I'm not Joseph, I'm Henry," and then everyone got to bed nice and early.
Christmas morning we had a fun time opening presents and playing with toys and games. Then in the afternoon we went down to Elk Ridge to spend time with Adam's family. We talked and ate yummy homeade pizza (Clark family tradition).
It was a very nice day and we were so very blessed.
So that's that - now let's get on to January!

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joeandcarole said...

I love your picture, especially Henry all scrunched up being asleep. It definitely looks like the end of a great Christmas day.
Maybe next year Henry could wear a tag that said Joseph, and not mention the name...but maybe next year he'll be into more role playing.
Your whole Christmas sounded super. WE missed you a lot, lot, but had good thoughts as we all spent our Christmases with family, apart.
It's too bad there's not some way we could all spend Christmas together with all of our families!
Maybe that will be what Heaven is all about!
Love you so much,