Sunday, December 28, 2008

Amazing Spinach

Did you all know that in 3 cups of spinach there is only 20 calories? Isn't that amazing? Well, at least that is what it said on the bag. But I find that fascinating.
That makes yummy spinach salads all the more scrumptious!
Just a little thought...


Sandy said...

You are too funny! Have you tried blending up a cup or two of spinach in fruit smoothies? I do it all the time - add a little yogurt and some frozen fruit and you're in business:) The spinach turns it a weird color, but you can barely taste it!

Team Clark said...

Very interesting. But wouldn't it be kind of stringy or have a strange texture in the smoothie?

joeandcarole said...

Thank you Amy, for your nutritional expertise! If I had more fortitude with healthy, low calorie stuff like that maybe I could lose 20 or 30 lbs!
It's a thought!!!
Love you,