Monday, May 13, 2013

Planning for...something...

When we first left our home, we first went to my parents house and spent 3 weeks there.  Then we were at the hotel for 4 weeks.  From there we went to Chelsey and Brent's house for 7 weeks.  Now we are at my friend, Sarah's, house and we have 3 weeks left.  The deal was we could stay until school gets out and school will be out in 3 weeks.  SO...where do we go?
We have a few options, but we're not sure about any of them.  We are kind of in denile, I guess.  We have hope that a miracle will happen in the next few weeks and then we don't have to choose our next place because we will be on our way to our final destination.  That's our hope, at least.  We are trying to have faith that it will work out that way.  "But if not, " we will still believe and we will continue to wait for the right opportunity to come our way.
But regardless of where we are going, we have a lot of preparation to do.  Most likely we will be leaving the area (and the state) and so we have a normal list of deeds that must be done, PLUS, we have a little list of things we want to do before leaving.  This is what is on that list so far:

-Hike Y Mountain
-Walk around BYU campus and eat BYU creamery ice cream
-Visit temple square in SLC
-Walk around the grounds of the temples in the area (Draper, Jordan River, Oquirrh Mountain, Mount Timpanogos, Provo)

We did have visit the copper mine on the list, but it is closed for the season due to a landslide.  It's all kind of exciting, plus sad at the same time.  We've both lived here since 1995 and so it's a sad to plan to leave.  And we have so much to do and 3 weeks really isn't a lot of time!  
So we are definitely planning and preparing to go somewhere in 3 weeks.  Where we are actually going to is the question that will be answered soon...


Jen said...

I hope you really enjoy doing those fun things in the next few weeks and that something great comes your way!


Michelle said...

Did Adam get a job out of state?

The Duke said...

Come down to BYU sometime when I can meet you somewhere. I'd love to take you to the south path where Jess took his kids last week. It's beautiful and I think the kids would love it. There are hundreds of little ducks everywhere around there. (Bring a stroller because it's a long pathway.)
I hope you find what you are looking for. We would be sad if you really did leave Utah for good but we've always told our kids to go where they have to go. We'll keep praying for you.