Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Henry's 5th Birthday

We celebrated Henry's 5th birthday on September 29th. Henry had a great day!

He opened presents in the morning:

He ate lunch at Pirate Island:

And he had Provo friends up for a BBQ and cake in the evening:

(in case you are wondering, the glasses are protective eye ware for nerf gun play)

All in all a great day.

Happy birthday, bud! We love you!


The Duke said...

I think Henry had great fun on his birthday. The neighbor kids came over and played nerf guns with him and they had a blast.
That cake, by the way, was pretty much to die for, made by their old neighbor, Christina.
It was a fun day for everybody.

Mike and Adrianne said...

Happy birthday, little bud! It looks like you had a really fantastic day.

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, Henry!!

joeandcarole said...

Hey Henry...I forgot to blog a Happy Birthday to you. Your party sounded fun, the glasses are way cool and your cake looks better than the best!!! Christina is sure a super baker isn't she?!
You have to tell me about your nerf guns!
I love you...Grandma Carole