Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Clarks are MOVING?

Yep - we are moving on Saturday. It's been somewhat of a whirlwind because we just decided to do this for sure about 2 weeks ago. We are moving down to Elk Ridge to live in Adam's parent's house. We will have the basement pretty much to ourselves and we will share the upstairs living space. The Clarks are very generous to let us move in! There are 3 of them and 5 of us and so hopefully we won't turn their world upside down (too much, at least!).

This is our cute little house and it has given us some great memories. 6 1/2 years ago I bought it and moved in as a single woman. 3 weeks later I met Adam. 5 months after meeting Adam we were married and he moved in. And since then we've been blessed with 3 wonderful children. A huge part of our lives has happened in this house! As cramped as we are in here, we will miss it terribly and we will very much miss our good friends that live around us.

We found some good renters - a young family with one 3 month old daughter - and they will hopefully be signing the contract and sending it back to us in the next few days. They have agreed to a 2 year contract and they seem like really nice people.

We know this will be a good move for us to save money and to prepare for the next phase of our lives. We are excited for what the future holds for us.

Elk Ridge here we come!


Michelle said...

Best of luck to you guys! I hope it works out the way you need it to.

chelsey said...

That's awesome! And congrats on finding renters so quickly! What a blessing for you! I'm sure the ward in Elk Ridge will be happy to have you all there also. I know mom and dad will love you guys there too! Good luck with the move! I know what a hassle that can be.

Sandy said...

Good luck with everything! On to bigger and better things! Love ya!!

Lauren said...

What an adventure...You will love being near family! Adam and I spent a few summers with his parents and it was really nice!

Jason said...

Good luck. Ammon is going to be in heaven.

joeandcarole said... you go! This picture of your house is beautiful. No wonder you rented it readily. Now, you need to put a picture of the Clarks home on for us to see! The children will love all that fun back yard to play in. Wish we could help you with your packing and moving, or at least with the children while you do all your hard work!!
Love you ,

The Duke said...

This is for Carole -- you are welcome any time!! It will definitely be an adventure. We are hoping it accomplishes the goals that have been expressed and we are happy to share what the Lord has blessed us with for the good of everyone.
Jim and I sit and talk about all the leaves that fall and what fun the kids will have playing in the big piles. We remember when Adam made a little snow slide for Henry when he was about 2 and how much fun Henry had sliding down our back yard. We think about Christmas and what fun it will be to hear little voices and giggles.
I wish all my kids and their famlies lived on the same block!
We expect to see you at our place, Carole and Joe.

Tiffany said...

Yay! Congrats. Send me your email so we can stay in touch and I'll send you an invite to my blog.
Best wishes!

Joel and Becky said...

Amy! I hope all went well in the move! It sounds like a good move for you guys, so I'm happy for you! Sad for us, as we will be back in the 11th ward next wk! Hope all is well! Becky Hemingway (email: