Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Things we've been up to

Here are a few things we've been doing the last few weeks -

Celebrating the 24th of July at South Fork Park:

Swimming lessons:
The kids are doing so well which is a relief because last year was somewhat of a disaster!

Gracie is 10 months:
She has 2 teeth (hooray) and she will hopefully get her helmet off in a few weeks (we're keeping our fingers crossed). She has also learned to army crawl and she's getting better and better at it every day.


Katie said...

where did your kids do swimming lessons at? Do they have to be 3 to go on their own?

Dave and Tana said...

Fun summer activities! It is passing by so fast this year.

Team Clark said...

The kids are doing swimming lessons at Veterans Memorial Pool and I'm not sure how old they have to be to go on their own - probably 3, but I'm not exactly sure. But I do know that they have lessons all year round and they also have the provo rec pool that is inside if you want.

joeandcarole said...

Love the park...it's so green and lush, the swimming pics are great, cute suits and looks like pretty expert swimming Henry and Ella, AND Gracie looks really cute in her helmet actually. Her 10 month picture is adorable. What a beautiful baby...such sparkly eyes and cute smile. Reminds me a lot of you at that age! Dad always said you had such pretty sparkly eyes!
Love you, MOM

Jake Z said...

Wow - the kids are getting so big! Gracie is a BEAUTIFUL baby - and her head is looking great!

Michelle said...

Gracie looks adorable in her helmet. Thanks for the update on all your activities!

Your children are growing up fast.

Love the way Gracie's eyes sparkle in that last pictures.