Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two New Updates


Another update from me (Amy isn't really feeling well enough to do this these days). There's only really two things to report of significance. Here they are:

1) We're going to California. Tomorrow morning we are leaving to go to California (San Luis Obispo). I'm driving them out tomorrow and Saturday (going to make it a 2 day trip). Amy and the kids are going to stay there for a few weeks (probably till around the weekend of December 10th). This is their annual stay with the grandparents and lately, it's been when Amy is pregnant and sick. Grandpa and Grandma Brundage are amazingly generous and always willing to help out. They'll help take care of Amy and the kids for the time they are there - while Amy is sick. the kids love going too as they get to spend time with the grandparents and other cousins. Unfortunately it means that we'll be apart for Halloween and Thanksgiving - a big bummer for me. I fly back to Utah on Sunday morning.

2) On Tuesday morning I lost my job. I had been with AtTask for the past 3 1/2 years. It's been a Jekyl and Hyde kind of job for me as I've had to adapt to 11 boss changes, three different roles, and long 12-16 hour days for most of the time I worked there. Yet, I learned a lot and gained some great friends there, so that has been good. I knew this was coming, but didn't think it would happen for a few more weeks or longer. Anyway, overall I think it was a good thing for us. I really needed a change and this presents an opportunity for growth with a new opportunity. We're not sure what we'll end up doing or going, and we're pretty open minded about it at this point in time. It's going to be a good experience to discover new things and perhaps new places. Who knows.

Well, that's it for now. We'll try to keep updating you on things a little more often.



Brooke said...

We're so sorry to hear about your job! We'll be praying for you on both counts now, with Amy's pregnancy and you getting a new job. We fly in December 14th, so hopefully we'll get to see you sometime over Christmas.



Sandy said...

Geez Ames, you're always in SLO when I'm not! I really wish you'd plan your pregnancies around my vacations better :) Hope you have a great trip and don't feel too sick for too long!!

Adam...sorry about the job, but hopefully this sends you guys on to bigger and better adventures (with shorter hours and a beefier paycheck, right?). Keep us posted!