Saturday, January 10, 2009

Albertson's Sale

Did anyone go to the Albertson's sale this week? My good friend Brooke Stevenson helped me plan and go to the big sale today and I bought $205 worth of groceries and I spent $70!! It was all about working the sale and adding in coupons. I still don't understand half of it, but I do know that it was amazing!
If anyone wants more info on it, you can visit Brooke's blog (hope that's okay, Brooke) and she gives a more detailed explanation on how it works.
And the sale goes until Tuesday and so if you haven't gone yet, you should give it a try!


Sandy said...

I'm officially jealous of all the good deals you've been getting lately:) AND that you even have a grocery store in your town to go to in the first place!

chelsey said...

Great job! I've been doing the Grocery Game online. It does some of the same stuff and really helps save tons of money. It's all about knowing how to use the coupons and working the sales! Congrats on the savings!

Jess and Jen said...

I am a big fan of the pinching your pennies website. I went to the sale on Thursday and got lots of great stuff, used lots of coupons and saved lots of money! So fun!

Jeppson Clan said...

So is it just Albertsons? I'm going to check your friends blog for instructions. I want in on these kind of sales! Awesome job Amy!

joeandcarole said...

Wow Aim! You should be one of those women who go on Oprah or some show sharing how you got everything almost for free!!!
Love you,