Sunday, January 04, 2009

9 degrees? Brrrrrr!

I'm dressing for church and I wanted to know what to expect today. says 9 degrees????? i don't even know how to dress for that. Seriously! And I guess the high is supposed to be 15. Come on 15! Anything is better than 9.
I guess that makes sense, though. I've been freezing all morning and I've been wrapped in a blanket by my kitchen window, soaking up the sunshine for the last hour or so.


V and Co. said...

negative 11 here this morning!

Sandy said...

Oh, ya big baby - it was 20 below zero this morning when Jake left for church at 7. The van doors were frozen shut, so Jake had to come back and get everyone in the truck. It got down to 30 below last week!

I still remember the day I woke up our freshman year in the dorms and it was 4 degrees outside. I was seriously flabbergasted - "FOUR degrees?? WHO lives in places like this?" Now look at me:)

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I thought I might have to stop by your house last night and sleep overnight because of nasty roads. I decided that I'd go as far as I could and then I'd decide where I needed to stay. It was worse from East Mt. to Springville than anywhere. By the time I got through there, I was fine. Amazingly, I zipped right up the big hill into my driveway with more than a couple of fishtails.
I believe Provo has received as much snow in the past two days as Elk Ridge has, which is unusual.
It's definitely a cold, cold week.
(Doesn't California sound nice and warm about now?!)

Zent Family said...

That sounds so cold!!! Southern CA winters are so wonderful... the other day it was high 30's in the morning and we made hot cocoa because I thought it was down-right chilly. It was fun to read up on your little family.. tell Henry I's so sorry he threw-up in church, that is no fun.

joeandcarole said...

Gosh you guys, what can I say, other than I'm really sorry that you are all so freezing and below. We keep running into heat waves in the 80's...very pleasant and comfortable! Nice beach/park days. Don't count this as gloating or anything like that...just stating the temperature facts!
Stay as warm as you can, or anyone who wants to come visit warm sunny California, feel free!
Love you....