Sunday, August 17, 2008


While Amy is in California, I have tried to keep myself busy with home projects, golfing, work, and even some camping. This weekend I went camping with my brothers Jess and Lance. We went to the high Uintas, backpacking 3 miles into Bench Lake where we were the only visitors. It was a fun time and the mountains were beautiful! It did get quite chilly and we woke up with a lot of frost on our sleeping bags. You can see above the view we had from our campsite next to the lake. Also, check out the frost on my bag in the morning! Chilly for an August morning. The one with me fishing is at Notch Lake, a nearby lake that had good fishing. Overall, a great time.


Jess and Jen said...

I wish I'd taken some pictures of the frosty conditions... Glad you got one. It was fun. Thanks for driving.

Team Clark said...

Wow - what beautiful pictures! I'm so glad you guys went and had a fun time. Too bad about the cold night, though! Brrrr...

Love you!