Friday, March 21, 2008

Pink Cheese

So Henry was eating ham slices tonight and after each slice he said, "Mommy, more pink cheese." :)


Sandy said...

Heehee...that's really funny - the things kids come up with!

It was great chatting with you the other night! Are you SURE you don't want to come visit us in Wyoming?:)

Team Clark said...

One of these days...8 hours is just SO long in the car!!

The Christensons said...

awww so cute!

joeandcarole said...

Henry is so clever and creative about naming his food. He calls 'em like he sees 'em. I'm so pleased that he is such a good eater. Ella too!
Love you,

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

As long as the pink was hammy it is alright. Love that little boy!

Dad Clark