Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I buzzed Ella's hair

This is a shot of her hair before. It was starting to grow a little on top, but it was still pretty thin and whispy. I've heard rumors that if you buzz their hair you can encourage growth and fullness. SO...that's what I did! I'm not sure what I've done. :) Sometimes I think it's super cute and then sometimes I wish it was time for it to grow in a little more. BUT nevertheless, Adam and I still think she's so beautiful. In some ways we think that this brings out the beauty of her face a little more since her funny hair is no longer detracting from it. :)
And here are the after shots (take a deep breath Mom Brundage):


joeandcarole said...

Hey, I posted a comment about a half an hour ago...but where is it?
What I said was (in case it never shows up anywhere!) she really is cute! She's adorable no matter how her hair is "done". Also, I asked you if you were doing a short cut on Ella to pay me back for the short cut I "let" the goofie girl at the beauty school do, unintentionally, of course. She just kept trimming the 'other' side to match. It never did match and she just got it sooooo short. You cried and said that you looked like your brothers. I was so sad for you.
However, Ella is so much younger...I think you were 2 or 3 then.
I love you,

chelsey said...

I'm impressed you were able to cut it without her squirming all over the place! I would've knicked someone's ear! Is she good about leaving bows and stuff in? Sarah would only leave bows and headbands on if she didn't know they were there. But if I didn't put them in her hair everyone thought she was a boy -- even if she was wearing pink! People can be stupid sometimes!

Jess and Jen said...

I've had to cut Lauren's hair a few times (and I think it's ready again...) because the top just gets too long. The sides and back are growing now, but the top is just SO much longer. I hate to cut it because it's so cute for little pony tails, but if I don't put it in a pony tail it just looks like a crazy comb over!


The Christensons said...

we have not ever done that, because we have children who come out looking like they are little old men with their "do" on their heads. but one really great thing you don't have to worry about with thinner hair is that horrible craddle cap that my kids had! argh that was annoying! ella still looks beautiful!

Sandy said...

She still looks darling! I hope her military cut brings a full head of gorgeous hair:)

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

I have buzzed my hair many times and it always grows back. So no fears for you.

She is cute with it our without it!

Dad Clark

Mike and Adrianne said...

You are so daring. I cried the first time Mike buzzed Will's hair and it wasn't much easier when he buzzed Isaac's for the first time. I love their full beautiful hair. She sure is cute!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Ella is so cute -- and buzzing her hair didn't take any of her bright-eyed happiness away. She is a total doll.
I have loved all the photos you have put on this -- it was so fun to watch Henry slide down his slippery slope, land on his back, giggle and say, "Again! Again! Please?" It was definitely a fun day.
Grandma C.