Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stat...Clear....beep, beep, beep....It's ALIVE!!!

Yes, our blog is revived. I have decided to do better with this thing. If nothing else, I will make an entry once a week. Seriously.

Here is a fun recap of everything since the last post...

Adam lost the election 35% to 65% in November.

We spent Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Clark family in Elk Ridge. Both were fun times.

Adam had his own business, started a second one, added a partner, then a second partner...Adam quit all his businesses and dropped a partner...Adam started a new business with partner, Matt Chantry. It is called Wasatch Barn Company...There is now three people in the business and 2 new organizations (1 for profit business and 1 non-profit). If you are confused, well, call Adam and he'll be glad to talk your ear off about it.

We spent time in California in January at the Brundages. We went to Disneyland and California Adventure. It was pretty fun, but Adam was sick. Adam went home and Amy stayed for a bit longer.

We went to Iowa and visited Adam's brother, Jason, and his family. We babysat their 6 kids while Jason and Michelle went on a cruise. We got to visit nauvoo and Carthage. We had a good time.

Henry is growing slowly and is lots of fun. He's just a little guy with a full head of red hair. We love him tons. He might be the cutest kid ever.

Amy is still working out and looks great. She works on fun in-home projects and especially enjoys decorating and re-decorating the house.

Adam works long hours on his business and has spent a lot of time out of town working on Barn projects. He has a great tan (in some places) and is slowly losing weight. He sports a shaved (buzzed) head and occasionally a beard (if you can call it that).

Adam is graduating from BYU with a Masters in Education: Comparative and International Development Education. Graduation is Thursday August 17 and 18. He just turned 32 and is having fun being an entrepreneur.

We finally re-landscaped our front yard (Adam did it while Amy was in California for 2 weeks). It has been nice to have a landscaped front.

Well, that's probably enough. If you want details, call us, email us, or if you are into 8-tracks and things like that, you can mail us.

Overall, life is great. We are extremely blessed.


Jess and Jen said...

Welcome back, kiddies. Good to hear an update on life.

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

What is this if you are into 8 track stuff? I never had an eight track or even a tape. Some things are so obvious junk that you are able to avoid them.

I will tell you a story that Adam will not remember, but really happened. In Nebraska, somewhere around 1978,Chris and I splurged and purchased some really nice stereo equipment. It was B and O and Tanberg, and other great European stuff. While at the store one day we overheard the men talking about something that they had only recently seen. It was a digital recording disk of a compact size. I don't think it even had the name CD yet. They were saying how they thought it might never catch on because it was so expensive and the quality was so high that it was beyond what the human ear could hear anyway! We just took it in, but have laughed about it for many years now.

Glad to see you get going on this Blog. I am not a great commentator on these things, but I try to keep looking at them, sometimes belatedly.

Sure loved little Henry the other day. He looks great. Say hello to your mother for me.

Dad Clark

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Say, how come there was no visual verification with that comment. Is that something you have to set up. I understand it keeps all of those computer generated advertisement services off of your blog. It that right?

Dad Clark