Monday, August 28, 2006

The Fall is Coming!!

Well, the Fall is coming! good and bad with that. Amy says it is nice, but it reminds her that Winter is close and she doesn't like the winter. However, we both love the Fall temperatures, colors, and the idea that holidays are on the way. This will be the first Fall in a while that Adam hasn't been a student at some level or extent. It's kind of crazy.

We went to a mission reunion tonight and Amy got to meet people from Adam's mission. It was interesting to see some of them have 3-4 children, Phds, and careers. It's still hard to consider ourselves adults of some kind. The reunion was in Alpine at the park, where Henry got to have his first taste of the swing and the slide. He loved them both. We had to pry his hands off the chains on the swing. Henry is getting to the point where he hates having things taken away from him. He's a funny little guy.

One funny thing from the reunion was that Adam was the only one there that hadn't worked in the office at some point in the mission. Lucky Him!

Adam has been spending time golfing these days whenever he gets a chance. He loves the challenge, talking with friends on the course, and the exercise from walking.

Amy sold her first projects! - a small beadboard shelf and a magnent board. She did a great job of painting them and giving them a nice vintage/rustic feeling.

Adam is busy working on his business. They are working on the new ebay store called "Trashology" and will have a website up soon as well ( Go to ebay and see his store - it's only a few days old right now.

Anyway, life is good. Pictures to come soon.

Be good, all.


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Fall is my favorite. But then that is because of the beautiful falls in Nebraska. Itloved them and there in general. Have a great fall yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Henry is cute. Congratulations on the new baby, Ella.

Amy Bodnar - One of your mom's (Carole's) cousins in Minnesota.