Thursday, March 15, 2012

Green Smoothie Girl!

So. Adam and I have been working on changing our diets a bit. We like the idea of eating more whole foods and we're trying to get away from processed foods. This is a process (no pun intended) for us.
A few months ago we went to a wellness workshop by Dr. Jerry Duggar and his wife Tammie Duggar. All in all it was great and it was a good motivational experience for me. We've tried to incorporate a few things that we learned there. And I bought Tammie's cookbook - it's called "Scratch" - it's all about making food from scratch. We have tried several of the recipes and we like most of them. Some are fantastic and then there are also some that I haven't loved.
But like I said, we're still working on this whole food diet thing and we're hoping to get better and better.
Adam's brother, Jess, and his wife, Jen, have been drinking green smoothies. They went to a little class by the Green Smoothie Girl and they have added these smoothies into their lives. Jen was telling me yesterday that she has more energy and she can tell if she hasn't had her green smoothie. This got me thinking. And then last night I dreamt of green smoothies and so this morning I looked up the website. It is It looks pretty cool! And this lady travels around teaching free classes and next weekend she's going to be really close to us. I got tickets for Adam and I to go. And I wanted to try it before the class and so I got a recipe that was linked from her website (at least I think it was). It is made up of frozen mixed berries, banana, kale, and water. We had it tonight for part of our dinner and it wasn't bad. The kids all liked it and Henry LOVED it. He kept saying it was the best smoothie ever. The only problem is that our blender didn't blend up the kale very well because it is not a good blender. The smoothie was pretty chunky! Oh well - we'll keep trying and maybe get a new blender soon because we've been wanting a new one anyways.
But something else I'm happy about is that she isn't just about smoothies. She promotes whole food/raw food eating in general. I'm excited to see what else she has to say.
So that's it. Check it out if you find that sort of thing interesting and let me know what you think.


Jeppson Clan said...

Hi Amy! While we are always trying to do better with our eating (a work in progress,)We do love green smoothies at our house. The "recipe" that is a winner with the kids as well is just like the one you tried but with 1/2 c. real orange juice, as well as the water. We also put fresh spinach in it. The O.J. really helps with the kale taste. We think it's actually quite delicious. :) Adding kiwi or peaches is good too. Just thought I'd share our trial/error. Just try different things til you like it. I usually do the banana, kale, spinach, strawberries and blueberries w/ o.j. You could also try almond milk.
Hope you are doing well! Your family is darling!

The Duke said...

Apparenlty the Green Girl is coming to Salem (or she may already have come). I had hoped to go to the presentation but some work things have come up that will prevent me from going anywhere until after Friday.
I did buy strawberries and spinach yesterday and thought maybe I'd try something with them.
Good luck -- it's working well for Jess and Jen so maybe it will work for you, too. (Aren't you glad you don't live here now to battle with Jim about food??!!) :)