Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The COOLEST color game ever!

Henry has been really interested in what happens when you mix colors and so I thought I'd look online to help us find a tool to know which colors mix to make other colors.
In our quest, we just found the most amazing game! The kids are loving it. Have your kids try it - you'll love it, too!
Here is the link:

Have fun and we hope you like it!


The Duke said...

I'll have to have Ammon try it. He doesn't like to color very much but maybe he would enjoy this computer game.

Jess and Jen said...

Very fun! We like it! -Jen

joeandcarole said...

It's clever, but it didn't change the ring color after I matched it...shouldn't it do that?
Thanks for sharing though!
Love you

Sandy said...

We played it! Kimball is faster at it than me!

Fleming Family said...

That's really cool! Thanks for sharing!

Alyssa said...

It is really interesting game it is really fun to try to make it work.