Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ella Likes Tubs

Ella loves to get into any kind of basket or tub. But she always needs help getting out and sometimes she needs help getting in. She's spend half her day in tubs if she could. She's such a nut, I tell you!


Papa Doc and the Duke said...

What a cute, funny little girl!
Mom C.

Sandy said...

That last picture is hilarious! She just stuffed herself in there, huh?:)

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

At least after she leans to bath herself she will always be clean! And cute, of course.

Dad Clark

chelsey said...

That's quite the squeeze there Ella! Hope she got out okay! :)

joeandcarole said...

She looks somewhat surprised to find herself sitting in the tiny blue tub. Isn't she copying Henry? Seems to me he spent a lot of his time in tubs and things!
What a cute, cute little girl. It sounds like her grandparents (all the way around) think she's pretty cute...right Chris and Jim?