Monday, September 18, 2006

End of the Season

Well, the season is over. Here is a picture taken on our storage lot about 3 weeks ago. We have placed 2 more full loads (16 foot trailer) of wood on it since. This is what is left after a summer of taking down barns and sheds, etc. On the back left there is 750 board feet of barnwood that we took and sold today as our last load of the season.

This is a small pile of old tin and posts that you couldn't see in the first picture. These in the picture are about 8-10 feet long. The posts are great and the load we just put on the lot was all beams and posts from Holden, Utah. We have a bunch of really great posts and beams now. You can see some of that load of beams on the next picture. Some of those are 20 feet long and quite heavy. Got us sweating, that's for sure.

This is a barn site - what's left of the barn. You can see the large rocks that served as part of the foundation here. This is in Holden Utah. Boy, we want to tear down the one in the background. It is a great barn, but the old lady isn't ready to get rid of it yet. Maybe next year. There are a few others in town that we might get next year. The wood you see here on the ground is still on site, but will be picked up soon. We are going to Scipio soon to pick up a bunch of stuff at a guy's property, so we will pick this all up as well and be done for the Winter.

It's been an interesting Summer. We learned a lot in our first season and look forward to really expanding this business next year as we travel out of state beginning in April. We might do some in warmer areas (arizona, Texas, etc) during the winter if we can get a nice group of buildings that will make it worth the travel time and expense.

We also just partnered with a great designer who is going to help us design custom sheds and barns for people. We are excited next year to add that to our services. We are putting together a "catalog" of sorts and will advertsie beginning in January (we think - maybe sooner, we'll see).

Nice to be home more now and to be out of the hot sun!

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Papa Doc and the Duke said...

Now just get it sold. Good luck to you.

Dad Clark