Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ella's new bed

We've been working on putting Henry and Ella into the same room so we can move the baby out of our room and into a room of her own. Originally the idea was to set up another crib in Henry's room for her, but today our friend and neighbor gave us a toddler bed.
Henry and Ella thought it was the funnest thing ever. And it was all fun and games until they kept leaving the room together and so Ella ended up back in her old room in her crib...maybe tomorrow night she'll actually stay in her new bed and get to sleep in there... :)


Katie said...

we're trying to get Lucy in a toddler bed-not working so well.

The Duke said...

I love that cute little bed! She'll get it one of these nights but it might take a while.
That's a mighty cute picture of those two!

LanceandNance said...

that little bed is so cute and so are those kids.


chelsey said...

Big girl beds!! Yeah!! We had trouble keeping the kids in their beds once they were out of the crib, so we let them each pick out a set of sheets they really loved. That way, they wanted to stay put in their bed. It made the transistion a tad easier.
The kids are getting so big now! I wish we lived closer so the kids could play!

joeandcarole said...

What a cute little bed. It will be just right, once she figures out that you're supposed to sleep in it! Chelsea's sheet idea is a great one. I'm sure she'd love to pick a sheet set out!
And Henry, this is where you show Ella the big, responsible brother who knows how to go to bed and stay there and go to sleep!
Yea Ella! What a big girl thing.

We love you

Sandy said...

Adorable!! We need one of those...right now anti-crib-Jordan's mattress is on the floor!