Friday, November 20, 2009

Gracie's Blessing

Okay! Now that I've finally posted the Halloween post, I can now move on to Gracie's Blessing.
We decided sort of last minute to do her blessing on November 1st. We weren't sure when we were going to do it, but then my dad was in town to pick up my mom and so we threw it together and it all worked out very nicely.
Here is a list of who was in the circle: My dad, Jim (Adam's dad), Jess (Adam's brother), Lance (Adam's brother), and Kevin (Adam's brother in law). Then Adam also invited our home teacher, Matt, and 2 of his good friend's, Matt and Howard. It was very nice of everyone to come and support us.
Adam gave Gracie a wonderful blessing and she only cried just a little bit! :)
The above picture of just Gracie isn't the best, but believe or not, it was the best of the few pictures I took that day...unfortunately...


chelsey said...

Ahh! Everyone looks so wonderful! And her dress is adorable too.

BTW~ I hope I didn't pressure you into getting this up! I know you're a busy gal these get on Adam to do it for you! ;)

Team Clark said...

Oh, no worries, Chelsea - I've really been meaning to update the blog and you just reminded me that I really needed to do it. Thanks!

joeandcarole said...

We are so grateful that you were able to arrange her special blessing day while we could be there with you, and Dad could be in the circle with Adam. Thank you, thank you!
An extremely special priesthood blessing Adam. You are a good man.

Love you all...