Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fourth of July

For the fourth of July, we had a little BBQ here with Chris, Jim, Kaitlin and Ammon, which was fun and very tasty. Then we headed up to BYU to watch the Stadium of Fire Fireworks from a spot on campus (we went to a little grassy field where the DT pool used to be). We met our friend's the Morgan's there and just camped out and the kids played and rode bikes until it got dark.
We got to see the jets fly over, which is always thrilling (one of the best parts of the day), but then they set off just a few little fireworks and Henry decided he was done. He went to the car and stayed there the rest of our wait. When the actual fireworks started Adam went to sit in the car with him to watch them, but he cried the whole time and he just wanted to go home. So after about 5 minutes of fireworks, they had about a 15 minute break (for who knows why) and we just decided to go it was a long wait for 5 minutes of fireworks! But it was still fun and maybe we'll try again next year! Maybe...
Note Henry's new bike "training wheel bike" (that's what he calls it) in the photos - he LOVES it.


Papa Doc said...

I am sorry you left early. The break was to burn a large flag that was flying in the stadium. It was one of the Olympic flags that needed to be destroyed. They resumed the show after burning the flag.

Beck talked about that on his show.

I see you changed the picture on the top. That is the dress Ella bella was wearing on the 4th. She is so cute. Thank you for bearing her and Henry. I look forward to meeting the next one soon.

Dad Clark

joeandcarole said...

You had a fun day, didn't you? It sounds like Henry now likes the Blue Angels and is working his way into the fire works..caution is always good! Some day he may reach Uncle Nate and Harry in their eagerness! Henry, we love your bike. Good of you to let Ella try it out too.
Love you,
Grandma Carole and Grandpa Joe

The Duke said...

I love your new heading on your blog! Such a cute picture of Ella. Sorry that Henry had a tough time. He'll grow out of it one of these days. We went home and Kaitlin, Ammon and I did sparklers and little pop things and then went on a nice walk. It was a beautiful night and we enjoyed being outdoors.
Thanks for inviting us - food was yummy. We always like coming over.-

erin T to the S said...

i gotta figure out the whole change the look of the blog at the drop of a's been 4 years now and I can't figure it out! such cute kittens you have!