Friday, April 17, 2009

Beach Day!

Today we are having great weather and so we took the kids to the beach for a couple of hours. The beach was GORGEOUS! It was so warm (probably about 80 degrees) and it wasn't too windy while we were there.
The tide was out and so we were able to let the kids play in the lagoon area over to the side. When the tide is in, the water can be really deep with swift currents in that area. I don't think I can remember the tide being that far out, too - it was kind of different. It was good for us, though!
The kids had a blast. They played in the water and found sea shells and rocks and built sand castles. It was a fun time. I wish we could go all the time!
The weather is supposed to continue to warm up and so we told Henry we'd try to go back one more time before our trip back to Utah (which will be Wednesday and Thursday of next week).
Hooray for the beach!


Sandy said...

I miss the beach!! How fun that you got to go. I guess you're feeling better?? April might be in SLO at the beginning of May - you'll be back in UT by then?

CrAzY FuN FaMiLy said...

so fun! that is something I do miss about home! and we are excited to see you guys come home! hooray!

V and Co. said...

YOU are TOO funny! how are you feeling? any better these days? do you know what you are having? gosh i feel like i'm in lala land and don't know what's going on with anyone anymore and every once in a while i come up for a breath of air and realize there's a world out there and i have friends!
so HOW ARE YOU? ;)

Crystal + Steve said...

Amy- have been through a lot. Are you home yet? We need to get together sometime. Check out my blog sometime.....a lot has been going on with us too! Talke to you soon.


joeandcarole said...

What fun memories we have of the beach days! I still have some of their shells around and interestingly enough, when we got home from returning you to Utah, there was sand on the bottom of my bedspread...really made me shed some tears! However, as I was brushing the sand off, I noticed some ball point pen scribbles with Ella's signature! Couldn't get them off either! "To remember her by!"
Love you guys so much!