Thursday, April 10, 2008

A wet experience

Yep, Ella peed on me this was all very...very wet. I was en route to the bathroom after undressing her in her room and I stopped off in my room to change the channel on the tv. Bad idea. All of a sudden I felt very warm and very wet! Goodness gracious. That was a lot of liquid!
Does this happen to anyone else or just me? :)


Steven said...

Yes, it happens to everyone.

Hang in there!

Adam's college roommate
And father of three great kids

Jess and Jen said...

I had that happen with Abby, then I learned my lesson and started undressing either in the bathroom or very close to it (and I walked really fast to the tub!)


Mike and Adrianne said...

That has happened with the boys. I wonder what it's like with a girl though...

erin t.s. said...

It does happen and even my almost 3 year old just stands there while she pees like she's completely shocked by the fact and can't run to the toilet to save her life. At least Ella is technically a baby, she has an excuse! They'll get you everytime you let your guard down I tell ya'

erin t.s. said...

ps, about your progesterone allergy, I have it too, hence the hellish pregnancies. I never knew you could cure it...this is very good to know!

Papa Doc and the Duke said...

If it didn't happen to you, I would think your kids were strange, indeed. It's the most normal thing in the world, next to throw-up (multiple, daily event with some).
I loev the new look - this is such a cute photo!
Mom C.

The Christensons said...

not with katie yet, but i've had a boy or two pee at me while changeing diapers, and again when they are potty trained and can't seem to wake up fully in the middle of the night, you know where they are standing there not aiming in the right direction, and then they seem to forget what they are doing and turn, yeah fun times...clorox is my friend.

joeandcarole said...

Well, I have to say, I don't remember you ever doing that, but the boys did! hah!!
By the way, was that you who put up the great "blue" family picture on our Brundage Blog? It's great and I love it...your TeamClark photo too. Thanks a bunch!
Love you,
Mom B